Supply Chain/Logistics Visibility Solutions

SwiftLogix focuses on end-to-end supply chain/logistics visibility and transparency solutions, our software features Inventory management & optimization, warehouse management, Transportation/Fleet Management.

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What is Swiftlogix?

SwiftLogix focuses on end-to-end supply chain/logistics transparency solutions, our software features Inventory management & optimization, warehouse management, Transportation/Fleet Management. Employee Management, Demand planning and import-export management. we’re using Blockchain and IOT to fix issues in the supply chain/logistics industry, ease workflow and be more efficient.

Swiftlogix aims to correct industry issues stemming from inefficiency as well as lack of trust and transparency, to create a more robust and efficient supply chain/logistic experience for companies. we provide an all-in-one solution to get a real-time overview of shipment and inventory activities, amongst many other things.

Swiftlogix Features.

Supply Chain Visibility.

Amongst other things. this feature also eases workflow for supply chain manager by eliminating excess paperwork

Inventory Management and Optimization.

Businesses lose 1 trillion dollars annually due to out-of-stocks and overstocks. Distributors are missing their margins, and it’s not because they aren’t trying. It’s just that demand is changing too quickly for these businesses to achieve inventory optimization.

Reasons been is because of :

Better inventory optimization starts with understanding the difference between Demand Forecasting and Supply Forecasting. Simply put, it’s all about Customer Forecast versus Inventory Supply. How you manage the relationship between the two defines the value you can deliver to the demand chain.

There is a lack of visibility down the supply chain which hinders the assessment of customer demand. These supply chains comprise multiple partners like suppliers, distribution centers, and retail partners. Each of these parties uses their own methods and systems for managing transactions and the movement of goods. This practice is highly inefficient as companies are always a step behind the market needs. There is always a possibility of delay in meeting the market needs, which leads to financial losses. Companies can face losses if they understock or overstock goods while anticipating market trends. Also, a lot of time and human resources are wasted if there occurs any miscommunication or error in the supply management system. Data manipulation and unethical practices followed by employees is also a serious issue faced by companies. Blockchain helps connect all the parties involved in a unified, fixed, transparent, and decentralized record. This helps minimize discrepancies and helps companies stay ahead of the curve.

Warehouse Management .

Optimized Space and Lower Operating Expenses, Inventory Visibility, Traceable Materials, Optimized Supply Chain, Effective Shipment Management providing better Customer Service - Inbound and outbound planning can be efficiently managed with a warehouse system that can adjust movements of inventory and equipment

Employee Management.

Team utilization, team schedule, show proof of work. Manager can make and manage schedule; schedule can be swapped between employee. Chatting and communicating can be done through his feature since lack of communication is a major bottleneck in supply chain.

Demand planning .

Forecast future order to, stay up to date on supply and demand.

Import-Export Management .

Manage global trade and comply with regulatory requirements. Automated Customs Processes, landed cost calculation. Ease vendor and customer payments with multi-currency support. Automate accounts payable receivable.

3PL Challenges.

Lack of Good Reporting Systems

No one wants to wait seven seconds for your site to load. Our designs get your information on the screen quickly and get your customers to where they need to be. Hiring your services. Purchasing your product.

Lack of Collaboration

Transport providers and carriers play an important role in supply chain operations but often the management neglects the mundane side of physical distribution and transportation. The lack of collaboration between the shippers, the carriers, and the end-customers can have an adverse effect on the smooth functioning of the supply chain.

Lack of Transparency in the Supply Chain

Goods That Are Lost or Delayed

Increased Waste and Insufficient Planning

Poor Relationships and Unhappy Consumers

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