7 Popular Inventory Management Methods and Techniques in 2021


  Inventory is a popular term being widely used in all tiers of industries (primary, secondary and tertiary). It refers to the stock of items that are in storage, transit or being kept for maintenance/repair. Operations management experts believe that the inventory carrying costs amounts to 30% of the total inventory costs, whereas the total […]

Implementing Blockchain for Inventory Optimization


Supply chain logistics is paramount to the success of any business,without implementing the proper strategy for supply chain management, no business can run efficiently or survive. That’s why many enterprises and manufacturing firms invest a hefty amount in effectively maintaining their supply chain network. Supply chain management comprises of product sourcing, product development, procurement, and […]

Why Your business Needs End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility


The quality of a business supply chain can either make or break it. supply chains  used by businesses are complex, making them unable to monitor  activities at every stage of the supply chain. This lack of visibility by all parties involved in the supply process reduces efficiency and  can cause major problems from goods delivered […]