Implementing Blockchain for Inventory Optimization

Supply chain logistics is paramount to the success of any business,without implementing the proper strategy for supply chain management, no business can run efficiently or survive. That’s why many enterprises and manufacturing firms invest a hefty amount in effectively maintaining their supply chain network. Supply chain management comprises of product sourcing, product development, procurement, and …

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Understanding Blockchain Technology

In the last couple of years, blockchain has been a hot topic of discussion amongst tech enthusiasts, for many that don’t know blockchain is the underlying technology behind the leading cryptocurrency bitcoin. In this article, I’ll put the best of my efforts to make you understand what is blockchain and what are its potential implications? …

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A Deeper Look into Biometric Hash

Biometric Hash has been a point of discussion recently because it helps handle biometric patterns in a private manner. There has been a wide research in the generation of a personal and stable hash values for individuals. The owner of a locked phone looks at its camera, and it unlocks, his fingerprint once placed against …

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Benefits of Using Blockchain for Data Storage

Blockchain is envisaged as one of the most overly-hyped technologies of this era, and the number of recent searches regarding this technology on the web has skyrocketed in the last few years.  People are willing to learn the potential implications of Blockchain. On the flip side, enterprises are figuring out what are the potential benefits …

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