User-Friendly warehouse management & Logistics Visibility Solution for SMBs

Easily manage all your warehouse/logistics needs under one platform, from real-time shipment tracking and inventory management to employee scheduling. Store, sign, and send vital supply chain and logistics documents as needed.

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What is Swiftlogix?

SwiftLogix focuses on end-to-end supply chain/logistics visibility solutions, our software features Inventory management & optimization, warehouse management, Transportation/Fleet Management. Employee Management, Demand planning and import-export management. we’re using IOT to fix issues in the supply chain/logistics industry, ease workflow and be more efficient.

Swiftlogix aims to correct industry issues stemming from inefficiency as well as lack of trust and transparency, to create a more robust and efficient supply chain/logistic experience for companies. we provide an all-in-one solution to get a real-time overview of shipment and inventory activities, amongst many other features.

Swiftlogix Features

Utilize an all-in-one platform to efficiently run your warehouse