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Warehouse Inventory & Logistics Visibility Solutions

Easily manage all your warehouse/logistics needs under one platform, from real-time shipment tracking and inventory management to employee scheduling. Store, sign, and send vital supply chain and logistics documents as needed.

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What is Swiftlogix?

SwiftLogix focuses on end-to-end Warehouse/logistics visibility solutions. Our software features Inventory management & optimization, warehouse management, Transportation/Fleet Management. Employee Management, Demand Planning, and import-export management. we’re using IoT to fix issues in the supply chain/logistics industry, ease workflow, and be more efficient.

SwiftLogix aims to correct industry issues stemming from inefficiency as well as lack of trust and transparency, to create a more robust and efficient warehouse/logistic experience for companies. We provide an all-in-one solution to get a real-time overview of shipment, warehouse and inventory activities, amongst many other features.

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Swiftlogix Features

Utilize an all-in-one platform to efficiently run your warehouse.

Complete Warehouse Inventory Management Platform.

  1. Warehouse solutions designed to solve the big-picture and daily operational challenges.
  2. Whether you are opting to scale or overwhelmed with inventory size; management is no longer a solo effort. Lean on a cloud-based warehouse solution designed around accuracy, proactivity, and transparency.
  3. Modernize your operations with software that’s straightforward and easily adaptable.
  4. Automate the repetitive procedures, minimize paperwork tasks so you can focus on the work that matters.
  5. Use multi-location warehouse management features to track and control expanding inventories. Take advantage of receiving and put-away schedules with automated inventory tracking alerts and scheduling features that Keep tabs on warehouse/Distribution center location and in-transit inventory. 

Efficiently Manage all your Supply Chain & Logistics Documents.

Swiftlogix’s bottleneck decimation strategy includes an efficient and powerful Document Management system that provides you with unparalleled control with your daily work files. An all-in-one platform saves your business money and time. Manage everything from bills of lading, carrier liability contracts to customs forms. Our key features include:

  • Robust records management
  • Easy-to-use search functionality
  • Centralized storage regardless of employee location
  • A database structure that prevents disparate files, formats, and versions
  • Sign, send, and store.

Last Mile Delivery

SwiftLogix streamlines warehouses, distribution centers, and 3PL delivery services when delivering goods and materials to stores, pharmacies, or to the end consumer. The best-in-class Last Mile delivery solution includes an accurate real-time tracking feature.

  • Real-time map tracking –SwiftLogix’s clean, responsive app interface provides customers with live driver location updates (including accurate ETAs).
  • Proof of delivery – Alert the dispatcher when goods are delivered and confirm with the Managers. Collect the Proof of Delivery such as Signature, Photo, and location, and never miss a delivery!
  • Web Admin application – A centralized management system for your warehouse allows incoming orders management, view delivery agent’s current location, assign deliveries and optimize routes.

Get your team on the same page! Maintain hourly employees and manage day-to-day task.

Swiftlogix ensures your schedule is always online and updated for your team.

  • Adjust it in real-time, anywhere, and instantly publish it
  • Utilize your team, schedule, and have proof of work.

We Solve Warehouses,Distribution Center and 3PL Challenges.

Issues Such As:

  • Warehouse inefficiency: Inventory management controls at the warehouse are labor-intensive and involve several steps, including receiving and put away, picking, packing, and shipping. The challenge is to perform all these tasks in the most efficient way possible.
  • Manual Documentation: Managing inventory with paperwork and manual processes is tedious and not secure. And it doesn’t easily scale across multiple warehouses with lots of stock.
  • Inefficient Processes: Low-tech, manual inventory management procedures don’t seem like a daunting challenge when inventory is small and there’s only one warehouse location to manage. But as sales volume increases and inventory expands, inefficient, labor-intensive, and low-tech standard operating procedures are difficult to scale.


  • Inconsistent Tracking: Using manual inventory tracking procedures across different software and spreadsheets is time-consuming, redundant, and vulnerable to errors. Even small businesses can benefit from a centralized inventory tracking system that includes accounting features.
  • Inaccurate Data: You need to know, at any given moment, exactly what inventory you have. Gone are the days when inventory could be counted once a year with an all-hands-on-deck approach.
  • Limited Visibility: When your inventory is hard to identify or locate in the warehouse, it leads to incomplete, inaccurate or delayed shipments. Receiving and finding the right stock is vital to efficient warehouse operations and positive customer experiences.

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